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Public diplomacy is a field of ever-growing significance. In a nutshell, the term refers to the entirety of measures a government or governmental organisation undertakes to improve its image among a wider public audience, particularly abroad. This is done through the provisioning of information to the public, press and other institutions that are related to the goals, policies and activities of governments.

  • Wintershall Dea

    Wintershall Dea was formed from the merger of Wintershall Holding GmbH and DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG, in 2019, to become Europe’s leading independent natural gas and oil company with more than 120 years of experience as an operator and project partner along the entire E&P value chain. Today, the company employs around 2,800 people worldwide from over 60 nations.

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  • Brainlab

    Brainlab is a global digital medical technology pioneer founded in 1989 and headquartered in Munich. The company employs more than 1,500 people in 20 offices around the globe. Brainlab serves physicians, medical professionals and their patients in over 5,600 hospitals in 116 countries.

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  • National Media Council - UAE

    The UAE National Media Council (NMC), is the federal authority that oversees the United Arab Emirates media, with a vision to establish an informed national media that is capable of putting forth the UAE’s message, and a mission of developing a national strategy to enhance a media sector that reinforces the UAE’s positive image and maintain its excellent status on all levels.

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  • Berlin Tourism

    Full of history, vitality, creativity, art, cultural diversity and nature - Berlin is the modern and trendy German capital located in the heart of Europe. In addition to being the political centre of Europe's largest economy, Berlin has much more to offer than besuited politicians and diplomats rushing down the wide streets of the city.

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  • DIFC

    Located at the crossroads of the major international capital markets of New York, Frankfurt and London, in the West - as well as Hong Kong and Tokyo in the East -, Dubai is an emerging financial hub of global significance. The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is a 110 acre business hub providing legal, physical and business infrastructure

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  • Dusseldorf

    Elegant high-streets offering excellent shopping opportunities and efficient health centres for modern treatments represent very attractive incentives for Gulf tourists planning their European holidays.Over the years the city of Dusseldorf succeeded in moving from the more traditional label of picturesque city on the river Rhine

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  • Emirates - Germany Business Summit

    With a total amount of exports more than doubled since 2005 and constantly intensifying bilateral business relations, the UAE are accordingly considered one of the main economic partners of Germany in the Arab World. Sectors such as tourism, healthcare, media, real estate, construction, finance and logistics are only the prime focuses

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  • Flanders

    The top destinations in Europe for travellers from the Arabian Gulf have long been established - a process that was helped by strong, continuous marketing campaigns and direct daily flight connections to different Gulf countries. Cities like London, Paris and Munich have this way become the favourite destinations

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  • Frankfurt

    Frankfurt - Germany's business, finance and transportation hub is located in the heart of the country on the river Main. Worldwide, the city is commonly associated with the financial centre of continental Europe, as it is home of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the European Central Bank and the German National Bank.

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  • Online Campaigns For Tourism To Germany

    The Internet is a powerful communications tool whose importance is exponentially increasing in the Arab World along with the number of new users in this region. With recent figures having already passed 60 million regular users, the number of new Internet connections in the Arabic-speaking countries is expected to more than double in the next five years.

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  • Hamburg

    The Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg is Germany's second-largest city located on the banks of the river Elbe. Its port is the largest in the country and is named Germany's 'Gateway to the World' due to its economical and logistical significance. However, Hamburg is more than merely a sea freight hub.

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  • Lufthansa

    Precarious security conditions and poor infrastructure are not the only difficulties that media and press currently have to currently confront in Iraq. The local media are struggling to get rid of a heavy legacy and freedom of the press still faces significant challenges.

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  • Maquet

    Healthcare and medical technology are sectors in which Dubai confirmed as prime hub for the GCC region. With large-scale projects like the Dubai Healthcare City and the Dubai Biotechnology Park accomplished in the last few years, many international companies operating in these areas have arrived and established their regional branches in the Gulf metropolis.

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  • Munich

    Following the effects of the global economic crisis, which badly affected the touristic sector of many European cities, in 2009 the city of Munich experienced a sensitive decrease in the number of its habitual Arab and Gulf tourists. In addition, the travel concerns arising from the circulating risk of a pandemia contributed to even worsen Munich's records of tourism from the Gulf

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  • Panama

    Featuring the largest banking centres as well as the most important free trade areas in their respective regions and having both experienced a real estate boom of international resonance, Panama and Dubai have shared so far parallel developments and similar stories.

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  • Techem

    The economic boom years in the Gulf region led to some of the world's fastest growth in population and GDP. At the same time, energy consumption and carbon emissions also increased very quickly. Its access to a vast amount of natural energy resources allowed countries of the region for a quick industrial expansion as well as growth in production of electricity and desalinated water.

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  • Thuringen

    Having been associated to great names such as Goethe, Schiller, Bauhaus and Bach over the centuries, the federal state of Thuringia is still nowadays considered as indissolubly related to the historical and cultural heritage of Germany. The area of Thuringia is well known in Europe for preserving an important part of the traditional and cultural patrimony of Germany

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  • airberlin

    airberlin is Germany's second-largest airline and flies to 168 destinations in 40 countries. In November 2010, airberlin launched a new route between Dubai and Berlin connecting the UAE and the German capital with three non-stop flights weekly.

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